What’s Happening Weekly Brockville Event Listing

Wow, it got cold FAST.

Now that the holidays are out of the way, and winter has finally found its way to Brockville, there are two ways to approach the season:

One: Catch up on all those great movies at the Brockville Arts Centre

Two: Spend every possible moment outside enjoying the cool crisp air while skating at one of our local rinks.

Luckily, we have information on how to do both! Check the What’s Happening listings for movie information, or our website for skating information.

Check out this week’s events here!

The P&G Pavilion At Rotary Park is Open For Business

Today, the new pavilion at Rotary Park was officially opened to the public! Make sure you come check out this exciting new addition to our city over the weekend and take advantage of the new change rooms and washrooms when skating!

Grab Your Skates!

Winter lasts a lot longer than December! Brockville has lots of great ways to enjoy the winter weather, especially when it comes to skating. Check out the opportunities to strap on your skates here in Brockville in the blog post.

Find out when and where to skate in Brockville here!

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