OTTAWA, ON— The Ottawa International Animation Festival is lending a helping hand to schools and families in these difficult times by providing some free digital resources for both children and teens. These programs, which include a collection of activities for kids and a guide to choosing an animation school for older teens, are designed to encourage budding animators in a fun and educational way. By making these resources accessible to as many people as possible, the OIAF hopes to ease the burden parents and teachers may feel in the era of online learning.

“It’s exciting to be able to reach classrooms and families beyond the National Capital Region with our virtual youth programming!” Says Stephanie Berrington, one of the newest OIAF staffers, who spearheaded the initiative. “We hope that these free activities and playlists provide a bit of joy and pleasure as well as new knowledge and inspiration across the country during these very difficult days.”
Thanks to a partnership with Shaw Rocket Fund, the OIAF was able to create the InGenius Jr. program, which not only promotes and celebrates young animation lovers but also offers a wide variety of activities for children to do at home. A selection of past festival picks suitable for the entire family is available online and can be streamed at any time. Special guest Tina Le Moine, a longtime OIAF collaborator, leads virtual animation workshops, such as bringing toys or drawings to life with a phone or tablet. There are also downloadable coloring pages available.
In addition, the OIAF presents the “Guide to Schools”, a resource for high school students and those considering post-secondary animation programs. The Guide includes interviews with established artists, industry-specific recruiter tips, information about some of the top animation schools in North America, two teen-friendly animation playlists, and an animation activity challenge (with a chance to win a prize pack that includes an iPad!).
All the InGenius Jr. programming can be found here and the “Guide to Schools” is online here. Plus, animation lovers of all ages can learn more about animation on the OIAF website, right here.

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