Ontario Visited’s Community Spotlight ~ Village of Brussels

This month’s Ontario Community Spotlight, presented by Ontario Visited, is the Village of Brussels.

Brussels is located on Ontario’s West Coast and is known as Ontario’s Prettiest Village.

We actually discovered Brussels by accident! We were on our way to experience that year’s International Plowing Match and drove through Brussels to get to the Match.

We were so impressed with Brussels, that we decided to stop in there on our way back home and to explore the Village.

We were very glad that we did. Brussels definitely lives up to its “Prettiest” reputation.

If you are traveling through Ontario’s West Coast, make sure you visit Ontario’s Prettiest Village. Check out the Brussels Conservation Area.

Please enjoy our Brussels video, while you and your family are “self isolating” and then, when it’s okay to resume your “adventures”, go out and explore all that Brussels has to offer.

Read more about this great Ontario community by clicking HERE.

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