Ontario Visited’s Community Spotlight ~ City of North Bay

This month’s Ontario Community Spotlight, presented by Ontario Visited, is the City of North Bay.

My cousin, Jim, lives in North Bay and he is a great “tour guide”! So, when we visit Jim and North Bay, we always get a wonderful feel for the city!

During our visits Jim would drive us throughout the city and the surrounding areas. I was impressed by the number of things to see and do. Frankly, we’ve experienced so much, that I would hard pressed to tell you all I seen and done, from the interesting downtown, to shorefront on Lake Nipissing, to the hills overlooking the city and lake. My only recommendation is that you visit North Bay yourself. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jim is available for a “guided tours”, but visiting the city’s tourist information centre should do the trick.

As a matter of interest, a number of movies and television shows are produced in North Bay! Can you tell me which ones?

Please enjoy the video, while you and your family are “self isolating” and then, when it’s okay to resume your “adventures”, go out and explore the City of North Bay all it offers!

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