Ontario Visited News – Our SHAW FESTIVAL Adventure!

~ Adventure #2, Part 1 – Beyond the Stage ~

Ontario Visited explore the magic of theater behind the scenes with the Shaw Festival’s Beyond the Stage Tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake – The Start!

After a restful nights sleep, and a wonderful breakfast at our B&B, Cedar Gables, we were ready for our next Shaw Festival Adventure”. We were about to go “Beyond the Stage”!

When we arrived at THE SHAW, we were met by our “Beyond the Stage” hosts, Wendy Glazier and Maureen Dalgleish. What a warm reception from these two enthusiastic Shaw Festival guides! Shortly after we had arrived, our good friends, Ross and Cathy joined us. We had invited them to join us for the day.

Gary and Judi with Shaw Festival tour guides

With Scoop’s (Judi McWilliams) current wheelchair situation, THE SHAW was able to accommodate us and provide a full tour with the accessibility needs.

Judi at the beginning of our Shaw Festival's Beyond the Stage tour

What is amazing, is the wealth of knowledge from our two hosts. They shared, that each tour, is distinct. When conducting a tour, something may catch their attention and lead the tour down a different path. I can imagine taking the tour a few times.

On the Beyond the Stage tour

Over the years, we toured other festival theatres, but THE SHAW, “Beyond the Stage” Experience really went the distance, and took us through the various stages of their entire production process.

We knew that this experience was going to be unique!

Learning about set backgrounds

Enter stage “left”!

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