Ontario Visited News – Our SHAW FESTIVAL Adventure!

~ Spiegeltent & The Game of Love and Chance ~

Step into the enchanting world of Shaw Festival Spiegeltent and enjoy ‘The Game of Love and Chance.’ A captivating theatrical experience awaits!

What’s love got to do with it? Festival Nomad (Gary McWilliams) and Scoop (Judi McWilliams) had a lot to say about that … As we celebrate our 40th anniversary experience the SHAW Festival, we were going to be treated to The Game of Love and Chance … A romantic comedy about how love can make every master a servant.

Photo of inside the Shaw Festival Spiegeltent

The outdoors of the Spiegeltent is fascinating and draws you into the front doors at the start!

Photo of Scoop sitting in front of the Shaw Festival Spiegeltent doors

When we entered the Spiegeltent we were transported to a different time and place.

Photo of the Shaw Festival Spiegeltent

It was our 1stimprove” theatre experience of this magnitude, and we did not know what was in store.

The stage was set with a spectacular ambiance ~ wooden floors, beautiful stained-glass windows, big top tent.

Up close and personal … our seats were right beside the stage, where during intermission we “overheard” fun conversations of the performers.

Shaw Festival Spiegeltent photo

Gary had quite the conversation with actress Sochi Fried who was generous with her time and interest.

As the performers get hot and the air can be close, they put fans on… it was chilly … but, typical of THE SHAW, they were prepared for their guest with warm blankets to help.

The show was funny, spontaneous with audience participation.

We won’t share too much here, to not spoil your experience.


Image of doors of Shaw Festival Spiegeltent

About The Spiegeltent QUOTE from THE SHAW:

The Spiegeltent is the very essence of a festival club, “kabaret salon” and intimate performance hall. Like every old theatre, her ghosts travel with her, woven into ballooning velvet canopies, a circular dance floor stage and bevelled mirrored columns that hold a thousand secrets. There is something about the tent’s convergence of twinkle and intimacy that lends a conspiratorial comfort to the performances therein. Surrounded by the audience, a show often feels intimate and more authentic – an experience that could only have happened there and then. More than most kinds of theatre experiences, you might say that “what happens in the Spiegeltent stays in the Spiegeltent!


Shaw Festival's The Game of Love and Chance poster

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Our Shaw Festival Adventure poster

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