Ontario Visited News – Our SHAW FESTIVAL Adventure!

~ Adventure #2, Part 2 – Beyond the Stage ~

“Ontario Visited explores the magic of theater behind the scenes with the Shaw Festival’s Beyond the Stage Tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This time it’s the Dressing Rooms.”

Off to the Shaw Festival Dressing Rooms!

From talking about the theatre and the challenges of taking down and setting up the different sets, we were off to explore the various dressing rooms, and to discuss the intricacies of what it takes to get on the stage and off.

A Shaw Festival dressing room

The dressing rooms were amazing. Each room was set up meticulously for the different plays and performers.

Actor's clothes lined up in order of use.

The costumes were lined up in the order of when they would be needed. Costume runners need to be able to collect each costume in the order they are needed during a play.

Learning how the system works.

We were impressed at how professional and organized the backstage dressing rooms were.

We were anxious to learn more!

Off the see the backstage sets

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