Ontario Visited News – Our SHAW FESTIVAL Adventure!

~ Adventure #2, Part 4 – Beyond the Stage ~

Ontario Visited explores the magic of theater behind the scenes with the Shaw Festival’s Beyond the Stage Tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This time we examine how the large sets are moved. Amazing!” 

A Shaw Festival Moving Experience!

As we wandered thorough these very large sets, I tried to image how they moved the sets into place. I was imagining this, while thinking about the three plays that would take place in this one theatre, several times a week.

The moving apparatus.

Fortunately, our tour guides knew the answers and let us in on the “trade” secrets. I’m not going to tell you now; you’ll have to take the tour yourselves to learn the answers. Trust me, you will be amazed.

More moving help.

It was difficult to leave this area, it was so interesting, but there was much more to experience!

Judi explores the large sets.

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