Ontario Visited News – Our SHAW FESTIVAL Adventure!

~ Adventure #2, Part 5 – Beyond the Stage ~

Ontario Visit explores the magic of theater behind the scenes with the Shaw Festival’s Beyond the Stage Tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The ‘artistry” behind each set is awe inspiring, and it show, up close, and far away!”

Shaw Festival‘s Artistry!

Walking “Beyond the Stage” you get the feeling of pride of workmanship and artistry. Even though the stage sets are large, the detail to craftmanship is always present.

Judi examines the craftsmen behind the flowers.

As our guides lead us through the maze of stage sets and props, they showed us how detailed each piece was. They emphasized that artistic detailed mattered. I asked them how long it took for a set to be finished. They told us that it could take over a year.

The background roses for the "Blithe Spirit" set.

Shaw’s careful attention to all aspect of each play is reflected in their “Beyond the Stage Tour” and each performance!

The attention to detail is amazing.

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