Ontario Visited News – Our SHAW FESTIVAL Adventure!

~ Exploring the Niagara Parkway ~

Explore the picturesque Niagara Parkway and its rich history. Journey along this scenic route and uncover the stories of Niagara’s past.

With time to spare while we wait for our evening performance at the SHAW Festival, we decided to take a tour along the Niagara Parkway.

Touring the rapids of the Niagara River

As we traveled mid-week to the Shaw Festival and Niagara-on-the-Lake, there was less traffic and more time to travel SLOW!

Beautiful gardens along the Niagara Parkway photo

Although we had traveled the Parkway many times in the past, we were delighted to stop and truly experience its wonders along the way.

Photo of Sir Isaac Brock Monument in Queenston Heights

With wonderful pathways and bikeways, it was not a surprise to come across a bikeshare centre. We saw many folks with maps in hand, stopping to check their route.

Photo or a row of bikes at the Niagara Parkway Bikeshare

The markets and fresh produce were hard not to miss. The peaches were AMAZING this season.

Photo of Scoop at one of the markets along the Niagara Parkway

Queenston Heights grounds, gardens, views and more took our breathes away.

Photo of the top of the Brock monument

As we stood quietly wondering about the battles gone by and the sacrifices others took so we can be here today!

Photo of McFarland House sign along the Niagara Parkway

Niagara Parks McFarland House, Laura Secord Homestead are must see stops.

Sign for the Laura Secord Homestead

The viewing spots were stunning. Taking time to video and shot the river raft boat rides and gondola.

Scenic photo

Although the shots were somewhat far away, the scenery, the waters rushing sound, the birds soaring high above, all contribute to many, many discoveries, experiences you too can stop and enjoy.

Image of Scoop taking photos

About the Niagara Parkway
(excerpt from Wikipedia)

The Niagara Parkway, formerly known as Niagara Boulevard and historically as the Niagara Road, is a scenic road in the province of Ontario that travels on the Canadian side of the Niagara River from the town of Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake. The portion north of Table Rock in the city of Niagara Falls is designated as an Ontario Scenic Highway. Niagara Boulevard originally referred only to the section from Fort Erie to Chippawa.

The Niagara Parkway begins at Fort Erie in the south. It passes through several villages along the river before passing through the tourist district of Niagara Falls. North of the city it provides access to several attractions, including the Whirlpool Rapids, Butterfly Conservatory, and Brock’s Monument at Queenston Heights. The route ends at Fort George, southeast of the urban centre of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Construction on the modern Niagara Parkway began in 1908; it was completed from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario in 1931 as a scenic road with gardens and manicured lawns throughout its length. The parkway was referred to by Sir Winston Churchill, having been driven down it, as “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world.”

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Touring the Niagara Parkway on bikes photo

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