Ontario Visited 2019 Fall Insider Newsletter

It’s All Coming Together! (Fall | Christmas | New Year)

Our FallINSIDER Newsletter is coming a “little” late! Well, perhaps a “lot” late! I have plenty of excuses, but you probably don’t want to hear them, so I won’t bore you!

Instead, let’s look at now and then look forward. It’s now part way through Fall, but up in “GOD’S” country (the Blue Mountains) it looks more like winter! Lots of snow on the ground and mounds of snow heaped in parking lots. They are even opening up the Blue Mountain ski hills a month early! That is great for all those ski enthusiasts. Assuming that snow stays, it will be a great holiday season at “Blue”.

Speaking of the “holiday season”, have you planned how you and your family are going to enjoy them? If you are not leaving Ontario, I’ve got some fun adventures you might want to consider. I’ve written about some of them below.

Soon it will be 2020 and plans for the new year are being made! I’ll write about some of them later in this newsletter.

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