Name-a-Roach After Your EX and Penguin Adopt Packages For This Valentine’s Day

Toronto Zoo, ON – The New Year festivities are behind us, and this can only mean one thing – it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! Whether you look forward to the day of love or plan to take a sick day on February 14th, we’ve got you covered this year with amazing Valentine’s options for both the optimists and the cynics. Take our quiz below to find out which package best suits your 2023 Valentine’s mood!

Adopt a Penguin Couple
Looking for a unique way to tell someone how much you flippin’ love them? How about adopting Toronto Zoo African penguin couple Matilda and Sparkles? African penguins in the wild are typically monogamous and have special mating calls they use to call one another to their nests. They are also very modern thinkers in splitting their relationship tasks 50/50!

Each partner takes on half the work when it comes to nest building, incubating the egg, and feeding and raising the chicks, always ensuring these tasks are divided right down the middle. By adopting Matilda and Sparkles for your sweetheart, you will receive a special penguin art print, created by Matilda and Sparkles themselves, plus more!

Are things not going well in the romance department this year? The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy has found a way to give the creepy crawlies to someone in your life who’s been bugging you by naming a cockroach in their honour!

While these critters play an integral ecological role in their rainforest homes, helping to decompose forest litter and fecal matter, there’s no denying their scuttling around gives the average person the heebie-jeebies!

Not only will you have the satisfaction of naming a roach after them you will also receive a digital certificate with your name and the roach’s name and a shareable digital graphic. Happy Valentines Day!




Since the inception of the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy in 2019, more than 13 million dollars have been raised in support of your Toronto Zoo. By adopting a Toronto Zoo animal, you are helping to protect wildlife and wild spaces for future generations. As the official fundraising partner of the Toronto Zoo, funds raised through the Adopt an Animal program support the Zoo’s ongoing scientific research and conservation efforts to preserve endangered species.
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