Live On The Lake Adds USS, Barns Courtney

Burlington, ON

Live On The Lake adds USS and Barns Courtney to the lineup!

The June 13 ticketed event has added Canadian Indie favourites, USS, and from the UK, rocker Barns Courtney. Joining an already stacked bill that includes Sum 41, Third Eye Blind, and Cory Marks these additions make Live On The Lake one of the best 1 day events in southern Ontario, and a great way to kick-off summer!
“We have worked hard to provide a day of music that will entertain audiences from all demographics and a range of genres,” says executive director Myles Rusak. “We’ve already blended country, rock, pop, and punk, and now we’re adding one of the most electric young UK artists in Barns Courtney. USS is one of our most in demand festival artists and adds another experience element to the day.”
Start the summer with live music…on the lake!
USS have been a mainstay in Canadian Music for over a decade, and are considered to be one of the most energetic live shows around. Vocalist/guitarist Ashley Boo-Schultz and hypeman/turntablist Human Kebab have always existed hanging in a sort of myth-like state, allowing the music they make together to first speak for itself, and empowering listeners to take from the sophisticated sound whatever they will. While USS is on a constant quest for meaning, the interpretation of it is largely up to you.
Barns Courtney will leave any audience blown off their feet. The title of Barns Courtney’s new album will no doubt be familiar to anyone who’s ever searched for something online and found themselves face to face with nothing. But 404 is an album that explores feelings of loss and bereftness inspired by life’s habit of throwing up its own error pages, with Barns exploring absence, frustration, and the never-ending search for something that seemed like it would always be there until one day, suddenly, it wasn’t: his childhood. “It’s painful knowing that something has gone, whether it’s a good time, a good feeling, a pleasant section of existence, or something physical. I’m always wondering: if you were to go back and find places you knew as a child, what would they look like?” Barns says.
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