It’s Live on the Lake as a new decade begins!

Burlington, ON ~ Music moves us all in powerful ways and the festival’s rebrand of the popular ‘Kickoff Concert’ moves us to tell the story of a new vision for The Sound of Music. The evolution underlines a plan to build more capacity for one of Canada’s longest running music festivals, as Spencer Smith Park comes to life each June with some of the biggest names in the music industry. ‘Live on the Lake‘ will continue to do exactly that.
“We are changing the way we do business, the way we engage with our community and the way we support tourism and increased visits to Burlington. This rebrand distinguishes our ticketed event from the free festival and shares how impactful bringing top name talent to our stage helps sustain our four day free festival lineup. This is another great step in boosting Burlington’s profile across the country and presenting the Sound of Music Festival as a world class event,” said executive director, Myles Rusak. “We’ve got an incredible nine days of music planned for 2020 and we’re excited to share our new format as we’ve been revealing elements over the past few weeks.”
The annual ticketed kickoff began in 2015, and has seen more than 7000 people each year attend, coming from all over North America and beyond. The show brings an international level of touring artists to town for a one day concert experience. “It’s the biggest tourist draw Burlington has. With over half the ticket buyers coming from out of town, this is an incredible way to showcase the city, generate revenue for the downtown core, and creates and opportunity for our businesses to build year round awareness of their offerings to a new audience,” notes Burlington Downtown Business Association director Brian Dean.
Entering the 41st year, Sound of Music Festival uses the annual ticketed event to offset the costs of the free festival. Though significant government funding helps support the event, a revenue model is needed to sustain the eight day free festival program. Rusak adds, “The cost of entertainment has gone up significantly in the era of music streaming and declining record sales. Most artists generate the majority of their revenue through touring, resulting in the cost of talent for our free festival rising more than 40% in the last five years. As strong supporters of Canadian talent, we produce the ticketed event to ensure we continue to bring the best and brightest from our own community and across the country,” shares Rusak, adding, “bringing more people downtown to enjoy Burlington is a primary objective for us.”
Tickets for ‘Live On The Lake’ are set to go on sale soon. Advanced tickets will be priced at $60.00 as they have been for the past few years. Tickets can be purchased by visiting the new “Live On The Lake” website HERE **Launching December 13th.

Free Festival Reminder
All proceeds from this one day ticketed concert go towards providing 8 days of free music from June 14th through 21st, all in downtown Burlington! Join us in 2020!

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