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NOTEDuring the Covid 19 crisis, we realized that some of our “Lessons Learned” can’t be used at this time, but they will come in handy, once the crisis has passed. Please stay safe!

Ontario Visited is dedicated to discovering and exploring Ontario Communities, their events and their residents.

Our DISCOVER ONTARIO video series takes visitors along with us as we learn more about the communities and events we experience. Each video and post include an “interesting” fact about the community or event we visited. See if you can guess the right answer!

This month’s video features Canadian Museum of History. The Museum is located in The National Capital Region, Gatineau (Quebec) and it allows visitors to “experience Canada’s history in exciting new ways”.

Our visit to this wonderful Canadian museum was just before the museum made a major updating of its facility. The video presented here, gives you a “snapshot” of how the museum looked then, now it’s your turn to visit the museum to see how the Canadian Museum of History looks NOW!

What was the Museum’s name before it was changed to its current name, the Canadian Museum of History?

ANSWER? The History of Canada Museum, The National Canadian Museum, The Canadian Museum of Civilization, The Royal Canadian Museum (RCM)

The correct answer is shown below. Don’t peek!

Have fun and hopefully we will see you along the “Ontario Road of Discovery”!

**The answer to our Canadian Museum of History is the Canadian Museum of Civilization, changed in 2013.

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